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Learn Why This Client Loves Refined Aesthetics?

Our client testimonies are what inspire us most to give them the results they are looking for in their skincare and educate our patients on why it’s important to maintain a good skincare routine as well!

Each individual client that we see has a unique skin type, skincare goal, and different overall outcomes that they’d like to achieve. 

Our clinically experienced and licensed Aestheticians do our due diligence to customize a plan for each client to obtain those skincare results and leave our spa feeling more confident than when they came in.


Client: I actually was going and seeing Brenda. I first saw her stuff on social media Instagram and a lot of her lip work. I feel like if somebody could do lips well they could pretty much do anything when it came to like medical spa work well. So I started off doing Botox mainly and like my crow’s feet, my lemons, and my forehead. I love being out in the sun and having freckles. I started doing the IPL treatment, which is the impulse light, so that way it’s going to lessen any of the dark spots. Micro-needling has been tremendous as well. Anything just to kind of help stimulates you know, your natural collagen. I really have enjoyed seeing a smoother texture with my pores.


As mentioned by our client, Dermal Fillers are gel-like substances that are injected into the skin. These substances are made up of a naturally occurring substance called Hyloraunic Acid and promote volume, smoothing of the skin, facial contour, and more.

One of the most highly requested beauty treatments we offer is Cosmopen Microneedling. Sticking tiny needles into your skin will cause slight damage to promote a natural healing process. Collagen levels will increase during this process and result in glowing, healthy, and younger-looking skin!


Brenda, one of the founders of Refined Aesthetics, first started her career in nursing in 2008, and she worked in family medicine. She then transitioned to OB/GYN for five years after that. In 2015, was when Brenda started her journey as a plastic surgical nurse in the operating room alongside a board-certified plastic surgeon. She was given the opportunity to cross-train into cosmetic injectable treatments and found her passion for aesthetics! 

Amy, one of the Licensed Aestheticians, has been licensed for over 5 years. Amy has received advanced training in lasers, chemical peels, micro-needling, and many other aesthetic treatments. She has worked in the dermatology field for over 3 years, and one of her favorite aspects of being an aesthetician is customizing treatment plans for her patients and educating them on the importance of a good skincare routine.


If you are interested in learning more about any of these beauty facial treatments, contact us to schedule a consultation! 

Our Certified Aesthetic Professionals will sit down with you and come up with a personalized plan for your skincare needs.

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